Sweek FAQ

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Sweek account and getting started

How to create an account on Sweek?

You can create a Sweek account using your Facebook account or email, both via our mobile app and the desktop version.

With Facebook:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.
  2. Select Sign up or Log in with Facebook button.
  3. Follow the prompts to create your account.

With email address:

  1. Enter your email, username and password to create your account.
    Attention: Your email and username must be both unique and your password must contain 1 number, 1 uppercase letter and be a minimum of 8 characters.
  2. Tap on Sign Up.
  3. In some cases you’ll receive an e-mail to confirm your account, simply click the link.

That’s it!

Can I use Sweek on my phone or my computer?

Of course, we have an iOS and an Android app for phones and tablets, and a website version for computers, laptops, tablets and phones.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password using the ‘Forgot’ option of the login screen. After filling in your email address, you should receive a link to reset your password in a few minutes. After that, a new password will be provided by our system, which you can, of course, change in your settings after you’ve logged in.

I didn’t receive my password, what do I do?

In case you have problems with resetting your password, please contact us via support[at]sweek.com specifying your email address.

Where can I select the language of the stories?

By default, the stories are displayed in the language of your browser or your phone. You can always change your preferred reading language in your settings or in the filter section on Explore page.

How can I delete my Sweek account?

Please contact us at support@sweek.com, and we will delete your account. Be sure to send us the mail with the same email address your account is registered to.

Sweek profile

Which info does a Sweek profile have?

Your profile is public information about you displayed to other users. This is your username, full name, profile picture and bio. You decide which details to provide. We never display your email address and other private information on your profile. A small tip: profiles with a profile picture and filled in bio attract more attention from other readers and writers, so why not share a bit more about yourself? :)

What does following other profiles mean?

By following other profiles, you can get notifications whenever the author publishes a new story. On each profile you can see the number of followers and following. This way, you can always easily find your favorite authors!

Can I edit my profile?

You can edit your Sweek profile either by clicking on it, or by going to your settings.

Which Sweek notifications do I receive?

On Sweek you receive different types of notifications to make sure you never miss a relevant update. At the moment, you can receive updates about new chapters, new stories, new followers on your profile, and whenever someone interacts with your story. Later on, we'll be adding more notification about new writing competitions and stories, interesting specifically for you. If you’re using the Sweek app, your push notification settings can be found and changed in the general settings of your device.

I am not receiving Sweek notifications. What do I do?

In case you are having trouble with viewing your notifications, please try to log out and log in again. If you still experience the issue, please contact us via support[at]sweek.com

Reading stories on Sweek

What kind of stories can I read on Sweek?

On Sweek you can discover thousands of books, short stories and serials in any genres, all for free! Discover stories in all genres: Young Adult, crime, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, science fiction, romance, fanfiction, classical literature and many more. To read online and offline! You can find them by browsing our lists: Featured, New, Classics, Popular, Top authors and by filtering for reading time, genre and more. Of course, you can also use the search function.

Can I change the reading font?

On your reading screen you can easily adjust the font type or font size by clicking on Aa and selecting the desired options. You can even use the night mode for reading in the dark.

How can I add stories to my Sweek library?

By following a story (clicking on the + icon) from the interaction bar, you add it to your library. That means that 1) you are always up­-to-­date with new chapters being published via push notifications 2) you can continue reading exactly where you left off and 3) you can read the entire story offline! So make sure you follow a few stories for your holidays ;) You can always unfollow stories later on.

How can I give my feedback to the author?

You can follow a story as explained in the paragraph above, but you can also like a story if you want to show you appreciate the story but don't want to add it to the library. You can also comment on a story or reply to another comment. If you want to share your thoughts with another user privately, you can message them via the profile. And finally, you can share all stories and profiles on social media and via email!

I'm under 18, how can I make sure I don't see mature content?

We want Sweek to be an authentic and safe community for our readers and writers. Our goal is to help create a comfortable environment so you can discover and write thousands of stories. If you would like to see no adult content on Sweek, turn the option to see mature content in your Settings off.

Write stories on Sweek

How do I create and publish a story on Sweek?

Check out our video tutorial about how to publish a story on Sweek:
After you log in, go to ‘my stories’ and click on ‘new story’. Our platform will lead you through all the steps.

How do I create a cover for my book/story?

You can check out tips on how to create a great story cover on our blog post:
On Sweek you can upload only copyright-free images with the 1:1:5 ratio that do not exceed 2MB.

Can I edit or delete my story later?

Of course, you can edit your story at any time as well as delete it. In order to do so, go to Story Dashboard (an overview of your story) and click on the 3-dot menu on top. There you have the option to edit your Story Basics or Story Details, delete your story and some other extra options. You can edit the chapter text by clicking on that particular chapter.

How can I add a tag to my story?

You need to add a tag to your Story Details (don’t forget to press Enter on the website). To edit them later, just go to the 3-dot menu in your Story Dashboard and click on Story Details. You can enter a maximum of 10 tags per story.

Do I keep my author rights?

Your author rights always belong to you on Sweek, that’s why you can publish your Sweek stories elsewhere as well and you’re free to unpublish or delete a story (unless specified otherwise in terms and conditions of a particular writing contest). Do not forget to put ‘All rights reserved’ as a copyright when publishing your story.

How can I promote my Sweek story?

The best way is to promote your story on our Sweek platform itself, via your own social media channels and your network. You can share your story by clicking on the Share button either from the story page, story reading screen or from the story menu. We are sure your friends and family would love to read your stories! You can also share your stories within other communities or groups on social media. There are also Sweek groups on Facebook!
When you promote your story on Sweek, be sure to do this, for example, by leaving meaningful comments on other stories. We don’t appreciate spam on our platform ;)

Become a part of the Sweek community

How can I talk to other writers on Sweek?

Sweek is all about creating a global supportive community of fellow readers and writers. We encourage all our users to get in touch with fellow Sweekers. You can message other Sweek users privately, comment on their stories or reply to comments of others. You can also join our Sweek fan groups on social media channels.

How can I follow other writers on Sweek?

By going to someone’s profile and clicking on ‘Follow’, you can stay up to date with all the updates of that user (currently new stories published).

How can I share my stories?

You can share your story on social media channels or via mail or Whatsapp by clicking on the Share button either from the story page, story reading screen or from the story menu.
We’ll create a great looking widget with the cover, title and description of your story!

Are there any rules in the Sweek community?

Yes, before posting any content on Sweek or interacting with other users, make sure you meet our Sweek community guidelines and Terms of Use.

Who are Sweek Keepers and how do I become one?

Sweek Keepers help Sweek to become a global community by assisting with organising competitions and events and even helping us spot the best stories. They are also always there for you for any questions and feedback about Sweek.

If you wish to become a part of the Sweek Keepers team, make new friends and gain some awesome experience as a brand ambassador, get in touch with us via support[at]sweek.com

Join free writing contests on Sweek

Where can I find ongoing writing contests on Sweek?

You can always find a list of currently ongoing competitions in our Competitions section on Sweek itself as well as on our blog. Follow our social media channels - you’ll find the links in the footer - to be the first to know about a newly launched contest.

How can I join one of the writing competitions?

All Sweek writing competitions are free to enter. You can join any ongoing writing competition by publishing your story on Sweek and tagging it with a certain hashtag. If your Sweek story is not tagged, it is not participating in a particular contest.

To tag a story, you need to add a tag to your Story Details (don’t forget to press Enter on the website). To access your story and add it later: log in, go to ‘my stories’ and click on your story. Go to the 3dot menu in your Story Dashboard and click on Story Details. Here you can type the tag and confirm it by pressing Enter. Can’t find Story Details? You can also put the tag in your Story Title or Story Description.

Where can I find the rules of the writing competition?

Each writing competition on Sweek has its own rules, so please read those carefully. You can read the instructions for each contest on the blog post related to the contest as well as on a Sweek story related to the competition. Not sure about certain rules? Feel free to contact us via our social media channels, or via support[at]sweek.com!

Will I be notified about new writing contests on Sweek?

At the moment, the best way to stay up to date with our upcoming and currently running contest is to follow our updates on social media as well as follow our official Sweek channel on Sweek. Also, make sure you don’t miss on the most important updates in our Sweek Newsletter.

How do I know whether I am participating?

If your story is tagged correctly, you are surely participating. However, if you’d like to know for sure you are participating, feel free to contact us!

How will I know the results of a particular writing contest?

In the rules of the contest it is specified where exactly the winners will be announced. Typically, the winners of our writing contests are announced on the blog post, on the Sweek story related to the contest as well as on all our social media channels

Self-publish on Sweek

What is Sweek Publishing?

Whereas on Sweek you publish stories that are free to read, with Sweek Publishing you can publish and sell them as a paperback and/or ebook. This can be a book, a collection of short stories or poems, a fanzine, your life story or any other book or bundle!
Sweek Publishing is free of costs and you’ll start earning royalties (up to 60% of the sales price) from the very first copy sold. You can sell books globally as paperback and ebook directly to your fan base via social media, the Sweek webshop and via relevant bookshops.

How to publish my Sweek story into a book?

You can do this on our platform publish.sweek.com: just create your account and start a new story to see the 7 steps that will take you from a manuscript to a published book. You can select a book size, and format your manuscript in that size. Don’t worry: we have free templates! You can fill in the sales texts for the webshops and create a cover with the free cover designer (or upload one yourself). In the pricing step you can calculate your ideal sales price and see the margin you’ll earn per copy sold. In the last step, you can check the information and order a proof copy.
When you’ve published the book, we’ll take care of orders, printing, distribution and payment handling. We only print books when they’re ordered by a customer. That means your book is always in stock and there is no risk for you as an author!

Sweek community guidelines

Which content can I post on Sweek? Which content is not allowed?

We want Sweek to be an authentic and safe community for our readers and writers. Our goal is to help create a comfortable environment so you can discover and write thousands of stories. Before posting any content on Sweek, make sure it meets our Sweek community guidelines.

How do I report a story and what happens after?

You can report any user or a story by clicking on the flag option. The more details you provide, the faster your issue can be dealt with. We will contact you in case we need more details about your report.

Get in touch with the Sweek team

How can I contact someone from Sweek?

We are always eager to receive feedback, suggestions or proposals. Want to get in touch? Check our Contact us page.