Market Tight In Four Hills Ski Jumping Betting


One of the most popular sports at https://betbubbles.com/, especially when it comes to television and online betting, is ski jumping. The Four Hills title is keenly fought and this year it’s no different with four or five top jumpers all well fancied in ski jumping betting. Gregor Schlierenzauer is favoured to take the Four Hills title, however, in what is a betting oddity, he is not favourite to win three of the four events.

This weekends first round is at Oberstdorf where Schlierenzauer is favoured to win. Bookmakers have him at 3/1 just ahead of Andreas Kofler at 7/2. In a tight market, Thomas Morgenstern is at 4/1 while Anders Bardal (6/1) and Richard Freitag (8/1) are also well in contention.

Schlierenzauer is well suited to Oberstdorf where he has had a lot of success in the past. Kofler is probably the better jumper, however, he does need conditions just right to perform at his best. Morgenstern is the jumper who is quite capable of upsetting the top pair, and it wouldn’t surprise to see him take out the Four Hills title.

In Four Hills ski jumping betting, Gregor Schlierenzauer is favoured at (2/1) ahead of Andreas Kofler (7/2), Thomas Morgenstern (4/1) and Richard Freitag (9/1). The Four Hills continues at Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Innsbruck before finishing at Bischofshofen. While Schlienrenzauer is favoured at Oberstdorf, Kofler is a strong favourite in the remaining three events. That may well change following this weekend’s event, and injury will, as usual, play an important roll.

If conditions are right, then Kofler should win all four events. However, Morgenstern is out tip for the Four Hills title – he is more consistent and at much better odds.