Sweek Community Guidelines

Help us keep our community safe by following the following guidelines


We want Sweek to be an authentic and safe community for our readers and writers. Our goal is to help create a comfortable environment so you can discover and write thousands of stories. Before posting any content on Sweek, make sure it meets the following guidelines.

  1. The content belongs to you, or you have the author’s permission to post it. See: Copyrighted Material.
  2. The story content is appropriate for the community. See: Prohibited Content.
  3. The story is rated correctly. See: Content categories.

We are committed to our community guidelines and we hope so are you. Not following them can result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions for the protection of our users and our platform. If you come across content on Sweek that doesn’t meet our community guidelines, please flag the story or user via Flag option. In all cases Sweek reserves the right to remove accounts or content, without prior notice.
Sweek reserves the right to enforce, or not enforce these guidelines in our sole discretion. These guidelines don't create contractual obligation to act in any particular manner.

In case of any questions, you can reach us via support[at]sweek.com. Happy Sweeking!


At Sweek we value our writers’ work and do our utmost best to protect their rights. Any stories violating author rights will be immediately removed.

  • Uploading copyright material of others without their legal consent is strictly prohibited. This applies to all user contest.
  • Posting on behalf of an author and giving credit to them is a violation of their copyright. Consent is always required from the original author.
  • Alterations to someone’s story and presenting it as your own is a violation of copyright.

If you believe that your copyrights have been violated, please contact us immediately via support[at]sweek.com. The Sweek community is also encouraged to report any instances of plagiarism. For more information on our Copyright Policy, please see our Terms of Use.


The following types of content are NOT allowed on Sweek and apply to all user content, including stories, profile information, comments and messages. Content violating this policy is removed without notice.
Sweek reserves the right to remove any other content that we deem as violation of our content guidelines.

Hate content

Don’t post any content that actively promotes violence or hatred against others on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other.

Abusive or threatening content

Don’t post any content that is intended to bully, threaten, or harass others. Be respectful to other users on Sweek.

Pornographic material

Don’t post any explicit content. This includes written material as well as visual material. These stories violate our community guidelines and will be removed:

  • Pornographic stories
  • Stories containing sexual content with minors
  • Stories encouraging or promoting non-consensual sex
  • Stories which encourage any other illegal sex acts

Violation of privacy

Don’t post any content that reveals any personal information, including real names, addresses, bank accounts etc.

Pirated content

Don’t post anything you didn’t write yourself on Sweek without the explicit permission of the person who owns this content.

Harm to minors

Be thoughtful when posting anything involving a minor. Don’t post or solicit any content related to minors that is violent or sexually suggestive.

Glorification of self-harm

Don’t post content that supports or describes any type of self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages others to injure themselves. Discussions about support do not violate our guidelines. Stories or discussions about the consequences of self-harm and eating disorders are not a violation.


Any content that advertises products or services unrelated to, or not allowed by Sweek, is not permitted and will be removed.

Any other inappropriate or illegal content

Don’t post, advertise, or solicit any other type of illegal content or behavior.

Content types

On Sweek you can choose two ratings for your work as well as put it in different genres.

Correctly rating your story

All Sweek writers need to rate their stories as either Mature, or Safe, according to the guidelines provided below. If you come across a story that has been rated incorrectly, please report it to support[at]sweek.com or via the flag option. Also note that Sweek can change the rating if it does not comply with our guidelines.

Adult Rating

Mature stories are intended for an audience which is older than 18. The story must be rated Mature/Adult, if it contains any of the following: an explicit sex scene, self-harm themes or scenes or graphic depictions of violence. Please refer to Prohibited content to see what type of content is not allowed on Sweek.